World Bank assisted
Maharashtra Agricultural Competitiveness Project (MACP)

Center for Indian Agricultural Marketing Intelligence (CIAMI)

Maharashtra Agricultural Competitiveness Project has an objective, on providing price forecasts before sowing and during harvesting of selected farm commodities; developing commodity market outlook for selected commodities at the State level; and providing commodity market research reports through the setting up of a Centre of Excellence for “Center for Indian Agricultural Marketing Services (CIAMI)”.

Commodities to be covered

On the basis of area under cultivation, following 30 commodities are shortlisted for coverage in CIAMI. During the first three years, AMIS will cover 20 commodities. In the first year, four commodities (Soybean, Tur, Maize and Tomato), in the second year, six commodities (Gram, Onion, Pomegranate, Eggs, Cotton and Turmeric), and in the third year ten commodities (Mung, Safflower, Potato, Grapes, Cashew nuts, Red Chilli, Udid, Groundnut, Poultry and Lemon) will be included in coverage of AMIS. The remaining 10 commodities will be covered subsequently.

Data/Information Products to be produced by CIAMI
Price Forecast Reports

Disclaimer -(The purpose of this report is to analyze the existing market situation and estimate the price trends in future. The estimates are subject to change due to changes in natural and economic factors – both domestic and international – affecting prices. There is no guarantee whatsoever that they would come true. The readers should use them with caution. If any person using these forecasts incurs any type of losses, the MACP project is in no way responsible for such losses).

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Maharashtra Agricultural Competitiveness Project,
Centre for Indian Agricultural Marketing Intelligence (CIAMI)
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Gultekdi, Pune- 411037 Tel.: 020-24270315/16
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