Mr.Radhakrishna Eknathrao Vikhe Patil
Hon. Minister for Agriculture and Marketing
Mr.Suresh Ramchandra Dhas
Hon. State Minister for Co-operation, Marketing and Textiles
Tender NamePublishing DateLast Date
Tender Notice30/07/2014 10:0710/08/2014 10:06
APMC Tender Notice30/07/2014 10:0610/08/2014 10:06
APMC MANCHAR Tender Notice of CCC Camera30/07/2014 10:0610/08/2014 10:06
Tender Notice Of APMC Manchar Works CCTV Cameras30/07/2014 10:0610/08/2014 10:06
Construction of various works at APMC Mantha28/07/2014 10:3008/08/2014 14:00
*CAIM - Recruitment for the post of Agri Business Expertnew
*CAIM-EoI for Shortlisting of Agencies for Implementation of End to end Subprojects new
*IVC-Vegetable Mumbai Application Form new
*New training programmes jointly organised by NIAM, Jaipur & NIPHT, Talegaonnew
*APMCs training by NIPHT new
*महाराष्ट्र राज्य कृषि पणन मंडळ, पुणे येथील दुरध्वनी क्रमांक बदलाबाबत new
*CAIM-Recruitment Advt APD DPM PMU-DPMT MEO MLS Acc-Assistant new
*General Greenhouse - Shadenet Management course
*Flower arrangement course
*Dalimb Niryat vyavasthapan Course
*Draft Concession Agreement (DCA) and Schedules for Aurangabad-Amravati region IVC
*Draft Concession Agreement (DCA) and Schedules for Nashik region IVC
*MSP Procurement regarding GR dated 18 October 2013
*Operational and working guidlines format for Direct Marketing through Aggregators
*सचिव पदी नियुक्त झालेल्या उमेदवारांनी महाराष्ट्र राज्य कृषी पणन मंडळाच्या संबंधीत विभागिय कार्यालयांकडे माहीती साठी संपर्क साधावा.
*सचिव पॅनल मधिल उमेदवारांच्या नियुक्तीबाबत यादी़
*EOI for Subject Matter Specialist/Expert
*Minimum Support Price for Kharip 2013
*NAFED FAQ Norms dated 30.07.2013
*Circular related to Non FAQ dated 09.11.2012 by Govt.of Maharashtra
*Circular for APMCs dated 19.03.2011 by DoM
*Moisture Meter Letter dated 03.11.2009 by DoM
*MSP Provision in APMC Act & Rules
*Farmers Directory -Public Appeal
*Common Accounting System for APMCs
*Agribusiness Infrastructure Development Investment Program-DPR for Nasik & Aurangabad-Amravati IVCs (ADB ided Project)